To say that Jamie is an incredible person and an amazing doula is a complete understatement.  Not only is Jamie a beyond amazing doula, she is a dedicated wife, mother, and returning student.   At the surface, you would never know all of these other extremely demanding and ongoing responsibilities exist in her life, as she makes you feel like you are her only obligation by way of her compassion and dedication for what she is doing and her sincere concern to what you are going through.  However, beyond the surface, amidst the days, weeks, and months of pregnancy that you get to know Jamie, you see just how each of her roles as a dedicated wife, mother, and student play a strategic part in who she is as your doula.   The heart and mind one needs to be a successful wife, mother, and student is that same heart that is crucial to being a doula one not only wants but needs.  Jamie is organized, prompt, funny (hilarious!), SO very caring, resourceful, energetic, full of life, full of ideas, and so full of love.  And, I know it would be easy to list all of those wonderful characteristics and simply say Jamie is all those things.  But, folks, she truly is.  She is all of those wonderful things and so much more!  You see this the moment she walks in any room, her contagious smile waiting to greet you with open arms and an open, sympathetic heart.

My partner Alix and I would always chuckle when we asked Jamie a question, no matter what it was concerning, Jamie had not only one, not two, not three, but countless answers, ideas, resources, etc.

Our healthy baby girl is now a month old and thriving.  We look back on the precious time when she was curled up inside, getting strong and big enough for this outside world, and know we couldn’t have done it without Jamie’s ongoing love, guidance, or immeasurable amount of support by our side.

We are forever grateful.

L. Norell

Jamie was amazing!  To be honest, as a first time father, I do not know what we would have done without her.  She was very attentive to our needs, wants, and helped explain the birthing process.  She made sure that my girlfriend and I were comfortable at all times.  She created a wonderful atmosphere that I know calmed and relaxed us both.  Jamie was nothing short of AMAZING!

R. Czech

Even from our first meeting, Jaime provided great tools to help with labor and resources to help us adjust to life with a baby.  Her genuineness in getting to know both my husband and myself  made it easy to want her present during the birth of our daughter.

When it came time for labor and delivery she was an invaluable person to have around.  She arriVed at our house and suggested ways to make labor move forward such as walking,  keeping busy rating,  rating etc.  As we waited for labor to progress she was willing to help wherever we needed it,  like the stack of dirty dishes  and being willing to man the wii remote as I danced to the just dance game to bring on stronger labor contractions.

Once at the hospital, She provided the emotional support when labor wasn’t as far as I thought it was.  She encouraged us through times of hearing the midwife say I as only 4 cm but fully effaced. She was a great coach who had me walking stairs and offering great ways to move forward.

Once we were admitted she was a key player helping control traffic in the labor and delivery room,   family as they waited,  advocating for us since she knew our birth plan and the importance of a non medicated birth to us.  When I could no longer voice my desires she was able to become that voice, such as filing the tub for laboring.   I could not have had such a great non medicated birth without her by our side.  She took care of my self,  My husband,  and even baby once she arrived.  Jaime was an Awesome person to have at the birth of our daughter.  In fact,  I couldn’t have had such a great experience without her.

N. Coleman

Jamie was fantastic doula. This was my fourth baby and never worked with a doula before. All my other babies born in Nigeria. This birth didn’t go as  planned. Complications arose and there was an emergency cesarean. She made everything feel safe and special even though it was not the plan. I felt peace with her by my side. She was so kind and supporting. She cared for us so well during and after birth. We never used doula before I could not have done this without her. Any family is lucky to have her.

K. Adeyemi

We decided pretty late in my wife’s pregnancy that we wanted to consider using a doula for the birth of our first child. At first we wanted it to be just the two of us and our midwife, thinking this was going to be our way. After going through the classes, we realize that if I was going to be the supportive partner that I wanted to bed during my wife’s labor, I was going to need help, not just to be there for my wife, but to be there for me through what is physically exhausting for the partner, even if not in the same way.

We met Jamie and we felt comfortable with her immediately. She was easy to talk to, honest, and very knowledgable. Since we met her later in our process, we met as many times as we could to get our birth plan together and to grow more comfortable as a team. Jamie was everything we dreamed of for our doula. She was always available, fun to be around, and brought a level of expertise to our birth process that could not have been replaced by a book, the internet or even our great midwives who just don’t have to time to work on all the comfort measures that Jamie introduced us to.

My wife’s labor was long, 30 hours in the end and we couldn’t have done it without Jamie’s help. She helped prepare food, keep me and my wife comfortable and prepared us for the recovery after the labor, including preparing my wife’s placenta for her. Simply put, Jamie is great and you can not go wrong with her as your doula. We hope you like her as much as we do.

D. Elias

Jamie played such an important role before, during and after the birth of our son. My husband and I knew from our first meeting that we would feel comfortable with her as our doula. She gave us great resources to help prepare us for labor and during labor she was the positive, calm and reassuring support person we needed. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge that helped make the birthing process positive. She knew what we needed before we did!

After our son’s birth she came to our house to follow-up, again being a reassuring voice for first time parents. She has given us so much valuable information and I am so glad she has been a part of this wonderful journey!

J. Graveen