Birth Doula Services

I offer a free “get to know you” meeting where we can ask one another questions and talk about what you are looking for in your doula and where my services would be of assistance. My fee can be adjusted on a need basis and I am also open to barter/trade!
Birth Doula Services $1150

Before birth:

  • I provide you with evidence based information to help you make decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth plan
  • I provide two prenatal meetings-generally in your home to develop familiarity
  • Teach and practice comfort measures
  • Teach stretches and yoga positions that promote optimal fetal positioning for birth
  • Discuss and prepare birth plan
  • Discuss potential procedures that may happen during or after your birth
  • I provide constant email and phone (text and call) support upon being hired and am on call beginning at 36 weeks
  • Access to my lending library

During Labor/Birth:

  • Upon your request I will come to your home or desired birth place to provide support and comfort measures that promote relaxation
  • Continuous care and support for you and any additional birth attendants (partner, family, etc.) for the duration of your labor and birth
  • I will assist you and the birth team in navigating your birth plan
  • I will take photos if desired provided you bring a camera
  • I will offer support for up to 3 hours after the birth of your baby to make sure you and your partner are fed, help you establish a good latch if you choose to breastfeed, etc.

After Birth:

  • make 1-2 postpartum visits within the first month of your baby’s birth where we can all process your birth story together and marvel at your hard work and at your precious baby. We can also discuss any difficulties (breastfeeding obstacles, postpartum mood disorders, etc) you may be having and I will provide you with resources to help.